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Tidernas bästa spelcitat

Vi har samlat en hög citat ur diverse spel och anser att detta är den finaste samling du kan hitta. Håller du med oss eller har du egna favoriter?

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Joel / The Last of Us
"I've struggled a long time with survivin', but no matter what you have to find something to fight for."

Javik / Mass Effect 3
"Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls, and ask the ghosts if honor matters. The silence is your answer."

Dracula / Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
"What is man? A miserable pile of secrets"

Brigid Tenenbaum / Bioshock
"You gave them the one thing that was stolen from them. A chance. A chance to learn. To find love. To live. And in the end what was your reward? You never said. But I think I know: a family."

Detta är en annons:

Nico Bellic / Grand Theft Auto IV
"War is where the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other."

Max Payne / Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
"The past is a puzzle, like a broken mirror. As you piece it together, you cut yourself, your image keeps shifting. And you change with it."

Lara Croft / Tomb Raider
"A famous explorer once said that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are."

JC Denton / Deus Ex
"Your mechs might have copper-wiring to re-route your fear of pain, but I've got nerves of steel."

Detta är en annons:
Tidernas bästa spelcitat

Master Chief / Halo
"A hero need not speak. When he is gone, the world will speak for him."

Duke Nukem / Duke Nukem
"It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum... And I'm all outta gum."

G-Man / Half-Life
"The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world."

Cave Johnson / Portal 2
"All right, I've been thinking when life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade! Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons! What am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager. Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down- with those lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns down your house."

Trevor / Grand Theft Auto V
"I'm cranked out on speed most of the time, but i am productivity personified."

Merchant / The Legend of Zelda
"It's dangerous to go alone! Take this."

"War... War never changes."

Hawke / Dragon Age: Origins
"The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly."

Max Payne / Max Payne
"The sun went down with practiced bravado. Twilight crawled across the sky, laden with foreboding. I didn't like the way the show started. But they had given me the best seat in the house. Front row center."

NPC / The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
"I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee."

Solid Snake / Metal Gear Solid
"Kept you waiting, huh?" 

Batman / Batman: Arkham City
"You want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done, I would have saved you."

Boss / Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
"I raised you, and loved you, I've given you weapons, taught you techniques, endowed you with knowledge. There's nothing more for me to give you. All that's left for you to take in my life."

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