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IKEA IDÅSEN (Quick Look) - Gjord för att arbeta hemifrån

Vi tar en titt på ett skrivbordsset från IKEAs IDÅSEN-möbelsortiment i specialavsnittet av Quick Look.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome to a little bit of a different Gamereactor Quick Look because recently we've collaborated a little bit with furniture giant IKEA about something which I feel like we should all have an invested interest in, which is creating a workspace from home where we are comfortable, where we are efficient, and where we feel like we can perform at our very best."

"So I recently took delivery of an IKEA Iddåsen.
There is really no good way of saying these things in English, but I'm so happy that they have sort of maintained the strong sort of Swedish naming conventions because it's now both a standing joke, but it's a loving joke."

"So that's really cool.
So I took delivery and I put it together and well, I've had a fantastic time.
So take a look here.
We've all heard the tales of relationships breaking down during a complex IKEA furniture assembly, but this was just wonderfully simple most of the time."

"Sure, we had some distractions in the form of trying to be helpful, but rarely pulling it off kids.
But my girlfriend Clara and I got through this entire process in something along the lines of 20 minutes and we're happy throughout the entire process."

"And just look at it.
With my green M1 iMac atop and the beautiful Journey desk mat, I think I managed something quite beautiful and functional at the same time.
While the cable tray, and I say that in quotes, IKEA says is a feature, well, it's not that."

"But I do find the elevation to be flawless and the quality of the material to be surprisingly sturdy.
You can get the IKEA Iddåsen in various sizes.
This is the 160 centimeter width, but there are different versions of it and there should also be different colorways that you can have beyond the brownish wooden look that I chose to got."

"So it has been absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to work more from home.
I'm going on parental leave in a little while, but when I get back, well, then we're going to have to work more from home, both myself and my girlfriend.
Just because we have small children, we want to pick them up as early as possible from daycare, kindergarten, etc."

"The point is that this has been a fantastic process, not as scary as I would have thought, and also just an amazing desk that I can't wait to work at."